Best Way to Use Hashtags


Best Way to Use Hashtags

In this blog we will learn “best way to use hashtags” by this trick you can get more exposure of your post in Explore Page. Best way to use Hashtag plays a very important role in organic growth of a Social Media account.  By the help of tags we can reach more audience in a particular niche. #tags helps in better targeting of audience through content reach.

Today i am sharing one of my personal tricks for Best way to use #tags it can differ as per accounts and niches so please have an overview of this trick.

Use Max 15 to 20 #tags on a post

While using hashtags make sure you are not abusing #tags by using the whole 30 hashtags. Many apps thinks that you are misusing this feature and won’t rank your posts on #tags.

Don’t repeat the same #tags

By this i mean to say if have made a set of hashtags that you use regularly then stop it. You are killing your account by spamming the same #tags again & again, this means any good account with that hashtags can take over your ranking. So, make at least 3-4 sets of those 20 #tags.

Consider mixing Low & High competition #tags together

Competition of #tags are defined as the engagement you required to rank on a particular #tag some tags can get your post ranked on 30 likes and some needs more than a thousand likes to get ranked on top posts of that particular hashtags. That’s why i advice people to mix low, medium & high competition tags with each other. The best trick which works best for me is making set of 5 or 6 tags of low, medium & high competition tags which makes somewhat 15-18 tags at once.

After using this trick for a while i started getting results like thisBest way to use hashtags

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Best Way to Use Hashtags


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